Friday, May 15, 2009


Pinellas Schools have a zero tolerence policy for bullying due to a new state law. You can view that new law by clicking here.  If you or your child has been bullyed in a Pinellas County School, you should report the incident and you can report those instances here. If you are in Citrus or Hernando County Schools, please contact your school administrator to file a report.

Bully has been getting lots of press these days from schoool zero tolerance policies to state and federal legilsation conversations. 2-1-1 TBC has looked high and low to find some great resources for kids and parents reagrding bully. 

Stop Bullky Kids Now - The US Department of Health and Human Services

Publications Regarding School Bully

Help Children Deal With Bullying - Mayo Clinic Children's Health 

No Bully - San Franscico Initiative

Articles on Bullying in School - National School Safety Center

Bully Police - Watch Dog Advocacy Group

Bullies to Buddies Program - Bullying Alternative