Monday, June 11, 2012

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is asking for the public’s assistance in keeping Florida’s children safe from online predators.

This month, children across the state have begun their summer vacations, and now have ample amounts of free time.  Some of this free time will likely be spent on the computer.  With this in mind, FDLE is asking for parents and guardians to open a dialogue with their children about computer safety.

In 2011, law enforcement in Florida arrested over 1200 individuals who attempted to victimize children through use of the internet.

Over the next three months, FDLE will be placing weekly tips on our Facebook page at: page. These tips are designed to both educate and provide tools which the public can use to protect their children and enhance their own computer safety.

Online child victimization is becoming more prevalent as technology changes, so it is paramount that law enforcement and the public work together to keep our children safe.

For more information regarding computer safety please visit

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