Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Mother's Powerful Story!

Two years ago this month, I made a call to 2-1-1 for my then 29 year old son.  He had been doing drugs for over 10 years and even with all my love and asking him to stop, he couldn't Finally, he had really hit bottom and had come to me for help.

I called 2-1-1 and asked for some names of rehabilitation facilities.  I had no idea about where or how to look on my own.  I spoke to an extremely helpful and sympathetic woman.  She gave me all sorts of information and help with things I knew absolutely nothing about.  I’m not na├»ve to drugs and the way that it affects everyone and at every age. But, this was my first time on such a personal level.  

I got several phone numbers from her. She wished me hope and told me to keep strong.  I think I was crying on the phone and she could hear in my voice that I really wanted this to happen for my son.  After I hung up the phone with her, I called several of the numbers she gave me and was quite surprised that some of them were actually opened at night.

One facility that 2-1-1 had given me returned my call that evening and let me know they had a lead on a place that could take him in within a week.  So, I took off a few days from my job and found myself extremely lucky that my bosses were very sympathetic to my cause.  I had to stay with my son so that he wouldn’t sneak out of the house to get drugs.  It was like watching a prisoner in our home.  I did get him in the clinic in 6 days from the night I called 2-1-1.

He went into a clinic for 10 days without outside contact.  I took him there, just he and I, and got him all set up.  This was another long process but worth every hour spent.  The place was really nice and clean and out in the country.  I met some of the staff and they were great.  The only contact he was allowed to have was one phone call a day.  He called me everyday, and everyday I cried after we spoke.  I knew that while I was on the phone with him, I had to be stronger than I have ever been in my life to help him get through it.  It was a very long 10 days.  He told me a few months later, that I was the reason he made it through, but I always remind him, that this was his choice and he was the one that made it through!

It has been 2 years this month that my son came to me and we called 2-1-1 that night.  I am 100% convinced that if I had not made the phone call to 2-1-1, he would be dead by now.  I am and will always be eternally grateful for the help I received that night.

My son has gone through a long struggle in the last 2 years, but has remained clean and has been in NA since he came out of clinic and does sponsoring of others to help them too.  His whole life has changed for the better and is healthier and happier than I have seen him in a long time.

A mother always wants the best for their children and I would do anything to help my children.  But, this experience is one that we still live everyday and no mother or father or anyone should have to go through with their children.

I am so very glad that 2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares exists and I hope it stays around for a very long time!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Schedule of Veteran's Day Events

Veteran's Day Schedule of Events

November 10
  • Amvets, 5864 Park St. North, St. Petersburg - Pig Roast (2:00pm)
  • American Legion, 600 American Legion Dr., Madeira Beach - Boat Parade (10:30am)

November 11
  • Bay Pines VA Hospital, St. Petersburg - Veteran's Day Ceremony (10:00am)
  • American Legion, Safety Harbor Marina, Veteran's Boat Show (11:00am)
  • American Legion, 11433 78th Ave. N., Seminole - Ceremony (12:30pm)
  • American Legion, 6999 Gulf Blvd., St. Petersburg Beach - Ceremony (11:00am)
  • American Legion, 1760 Turner St., Clearwater - Entertainment & Food (11:00am)
  • American Legion, 360 Wilson St., Dunedin - Cookout (1:00pm)
  • American Legion, 130 1st Ave., S.W., Largo - Ceremony (12:00pm)
  • American Legion, 600 American Legion Dr., Madeira Beach - Ceremony (11:00am)
  • American Legion, 7550 50th St., Pinellas Park - Cook Out (12:00pm)
  • Amvets, 421 45th Ave., South, St. Petersburg - Ceremony (3:00pm)
  • Amvets, 4681 County Road 16, St. Petersburg - Cook Out & Music (12:00pm)
  • Amvets, 5864 Park St. North, St. Petersburg - Flag Raising (1:00pm)
  • Amvets, 4200 62nd Ave., Pinellas Park - Flag Raising (11:00pm)
  • Amvets, 1825 N. Highland Ave., Clearwater - Ceremony (2:00pm)