Friday, May 31, 2013

National Hurricane Preparedness Week - Day 6 - Get A Plan!

National Hurricane Preparedness Week began May 26 and the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) reminds all Floridians to use this week to ensure they are prepared for hurricane season, which begins June 1. All Floridians should take the opportunity to review family and business emergency plans and restock disaster supply kits.

“National Hurricane Preparedness Week is an excellent opportunity for all Floridians to review plans and prepare for the upcoming hurricane season,” said FDEM Director Bryan W. Koon. “I urge all Florida’s residents and visitors to go to to Get A Plan and learn how to protect themselves and their families from a disaster.”

If you already have a family and business disaster plan and supply kit, now is the time to review, recycle and restock for 2013. If you are creating your first disaster plan and supply kit, use the information and tips at for help.  You can also find information and activities for kids at

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